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Results Driven has been built to provide you with ALL the tools, resources, training, support and most importantly coaching you will need to succeed at the highest level. Our students can simply model and copy our business systems and processes we built over the years, refined, improved and currently use at Heels Homes.

Our coaches are some of the best in the industry. They have all been hand picked by Josh and I through a rigorous interview and training process and they were chosen because of their unique skillsets that each one of them have in a very particular area of this business.

We don't just choose anyone to work for us or to be one of our coaches. We care about our students success, so we are very careful with who we have represent us as a company and who supports you our students.

This is one reason why our students are so successful. Our coaching team is on another level!

When we put together this exceptional team, our primary goal was to empower our students with unparalleled support, knowledge base, experience, and trainers. We aimed to have the ability to help our students in every area of their business and help them to get a crystal-clear vision of success, with a well-defined and simple path to follow.

Our ultimate mission is to assist you in achieving your goals at an accelerated pace, to reduce risk and remove your road blocks, so you can live life on your terms, following your passions, and surpassing your own expectations!




Accomplishment: Built a large and very successful real estate investment business called Heels Homes, flipping properties that produces millions of dollars a year in profits systematically. Completed over 300 flips last year. On pace for 250+ this year averaging 20+ flips per month with an avg profit of $20k+ per flip.

Because of their consistent success as investors, honest and sincere people across the country reached out to learn exactly how they have built such a profitable and streamlined investing company. How do they continue year after year to grow their business.

In response to these requests they built an education company, Results Driven, that trains other investors in their processes and systems to achieve results in their businesses year in and year out!

Tiffany and Josh specialize in helping investors identify their weaknesses and pain points to provide proven solutions so they can scale their businesses to achieve predictable and consistent monthly results!



Accomplishment: Not only did he finish top 10 in sales but also had 5 other salespeople that he managed who finished top 20 overall in a nation wide multi billion dollar enterprise.

Ashley Molina came into Small Group doing 700k a year. Through working on mastery of the sales process and applying the right systems/ follow up for their team they are doing 900k CLOSED revenue per quarter.

Mandy & Jamie Sheckles joined last year as a brokerage. We put together systems to allow them to capitalize on their lead generation and have scaled their sales team and put a sales leader in place to run the day to day. They are consistently averaging 8-10 deals a month.



Accomplishment: Led Top Tier Phone Sales Teams in Hybrid, In House, and Virtual Model. Lead hiring over 250+ applicants in building business models, creating processes and driving billion dollar business plansFormer Division 1 Walk-On to Scholarship Athlete at Ohio University 

Marissa and Jimmy Ogle came in with no onboarding or training. They implemented all our training and processes to go from 7-8 deals a month to minimum 12-15 consistently. They currently have 10 deals under contract already this month.

Isaac Stallworth came into Small Group wanting to remain a “One Man Show”. We hired an admin to allow him to perfect his strengths to now generating over $1 million in revenue per year with perfected systems and processes.



Accomplishment: 4 Star Athlete that Transitioned career to taking retail stores from bottom 30% to Top 1%. Business Builder.

Problem Solver for businesses, Identifies red flags and helps investors fix to grow.

Since joining small group two months ago Duane Alexander has opened up multiple marketing channels, Hes closing 3 to 5 deals a week rather than a month, and has crushed his revenue goals!

Malhar and Josiah joined the Small group 4 months ago having only done a few wholesales before joining. They had an average profit from Wholesaling last month of 70k. They locked up multiple 130k+ deals and where able to Dispo them quickly with the aid of our built for you dispo training. 



Accomplishment: Started her wholesaling business at 24 years old while finishing master’s degree with no business or any job background except college knowledge. Business has doubled in growth ever since. 

Strengths lie in understanding processes, flows and marketing and identifying opportunities for optimization and improvement.



Accomplishment: At 23 co-founded and grew a successful wholesaling company, which his fiancé Arvi.

Results Driven student. Has personally utilized everything from Results Driven and has increased business revenue every year since.

Knows exactly how to implement Results Driven process & systems into a current business to increase revenue and stability the quickest.



Accomplishment: Worked with Heels Homes and was one of the Top Closers for over a year.

Alec knows how a sales team should be built. Has strong grasp of Heels Homes' Sales Scripts and Processes, which effectively helps him train Sales Teams during Sales Pods Training.



Accomplishment: Participated in us army best medic competition in 2016.  Managed more than 20 soldiers which serviced over 90% of Hospital immunization services with over a 90% satisfaction rating. 

Helped create a software that transferred patient information from a chart to a smartboard to ease patient admission. 



Accomplishment: Served as Junior Achievement Volunteer and Public Speaker to various organizations (Schools, Churches, Businesses)

Awarded Top 100 fastest sales growth in North America out of 15,000 distributors. Specializes in building sales teams, communication, and leadership skills



Accomplishment: Never been in a base level role (has always been trusted and successful in leadership and coaching roles). Trained and educated companies to increase sales results.

Strength's: Is helping business owners, build and develop sales teams through teaching how to create culture and accountability to drive performance management.



Accomplishment: Former college athlete. Has always been in a leadership role since 18. Have built teams in 5 different districts and established processes, plans, hiring and recruiting procedures, core values and standards for performance and visuals.

Strengths: Led teams who led KPI category’s in sales, multiples, and conversion in various districts. Have been in turnaround roles for struggling markets and helped improve results and performance as well as reduced turnover ratios..



Accomplishment: Mike has over 20 years of experience in team building and sales leadership and training in both new business and taking over struggling companies to be top performers.

Strengths: Mike believes that all results come from building a strong culture by aligning goals of the individual to the team!



Accomplishment: NCAA D1 player and coach turned top-producing closer at Heels Homes with an outstanding 80% success rate. Caleb leverages a M.S. in Organizational Psychology and a rich background as a Clinical Counselor

Strengths: With a knack for stepping into the shoes of sellers and sharpened frontline sales experience, Caleb is a game-changer, crafting the art of the deal with psychological.

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