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Results Driven Education Path

We specialize in helping investors reach their financial goals quickly and safely through our Advanced Training Courses, Tools, Support and Coaching, so they can enjoy life on their terms!

Free Trainings

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MLS Offer Course

Get FREE Leads! Learn how to gain access to the MLS, what searches to set up, how to build an MLS team, what scripts to use to start getting leads off the MLS, how to run comparables properly and accurately, the inspection process, and how to sell those deals you get from the MLS at the highest price possible!

4-Week Virtual Group

This 4 week training course is the most important foundation training an investor can have. In this course week 1 & 2 we go deep into what market channels we use right now to do over 20+ deals a month, our SOP's & processes, how to optimize our lead flows inside our CRM, what phone systems we use and why, stats of each marketing channel and the cash conversion cycles. Week 3 we cover our converting sales scripts and acquisition processes for you. In week 4 we show you our dispo dept structure, how to find cash buyers, market to buyers and maximizing exit strategies to make more money on leads each month!

2Day Workshop, Business Immersion

This Live 2 day training course is design to take an investor deep into the inner workings of our business. How we recruit, hire and onboard. To how we track and hold accountable our teams, what we we do to train and motivate our teams to hit metrics month after month. We take investors through call reviews, HR, Acquisitions and Marketing for a business to scale properly!

The Accelerator Program

The Accelerator is an advanced Membership Training Program, with daily trainings every week, focused on helping accelerate your business with strategies that work in today’s shifting market. Facilitated by Josh, Tiffany and their coaches. The Accelerator covers Systems, Operations, Marketing, Acquisitions, and Dispo.

Small Group Coaching Program

At Results Driven, we are focused on helping you create a predictable and profitable business by following our proven model. Our industry leading coaching produces game changing leaders and gets results.

Our 6 month SMALL GROUP COACHING program gives you

access to THE BEST sales training, accountability, tools, coaching, documents, & operational support for scaling your business quickly and correctly, helping you avoid costly mistakes!