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  • Interview Script: Pre-screen top talent for your business.

  • Acquisitions Manager Process Script: Pre-screen and qualify motivated sellers.

  • Private Money Creditability Packet: A tool that aims to alleviate the time spent convincing buyers, sellers, and lenders why they should invest in you.  Allowing investors more time
    to focus on closing deals.

  • ​Seller Renegotiation Script: Get the best price from sellers when you need to readjust the price.

  • Much More...

About Tiffany and Josh High

Tiffany and Josh have been in the real estate industry since 2015. They began their journey by buying rentals and flipping houses. 

In their first year in real estate, they flipped around 40 houses. After losing $106,000 on a flip their first year, they realized they didn’t want to just flip houses anymore and learned how to wholesale. In their 2nd year in business, they wholesaled 165 houses. In their 3rd year of wholesaling, they did over 300 flips/wholesales and have done over 300 flips and wholesales a year since. 

Along the way, they have built a small rental portfolio they hope to have fully paid off here in the next couple of years!

Collectively, Tiffany and Josh used their corporate training backgrounds to implement strong systems, recruiting, onboarding, training, and leadership into building a well-oiled phone sales floor. 

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What To Real Estate Investors Say About Tiffany and Josh High?

“One of the biggest takeaways is that they really put systems and processes in place. It’s not often you come to an event and they get down to the nitty-gritty of it. They tell you exactly what they need to implement. They literally tell you verbatim what to do, here are the steps, and this is how you can become successful. They don’t keep anything from you, super transparent. Incredible!”


“I’m going to use their processes and systems to build a team right from the ground up.”

"I would highly recommend it. Their passion rubs off on you. They’ve got great enthusiasm for the system and for what they’re doing. Their teaching and techniques are really good. A relaxed atmosphere so you can be part of and interact. Great quality of people and great input from everyone else."



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