This Simple Interview Script Prescreens Top Talent For Your Real Estate Investing Business

Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding great team members is critical to success in business, especially for a growing real estate investing team. Use this hiring script to pre-screen top talent.

Use This Script To Prescreen & Qualify

Motivated Sellers.

Pro Tip: Spend the majority of your time talking with property owners who

have the highest likelihood & need to sell.

Download and use this simple 2-page seller qualification script to only talk to the sellers with the highest motivation to sell.

Get The Acquisitions Flow Chart Of A $4,000,000+ Per Year Real Estate Wholesaling Company

If you want more deal flow in your real estate investing business, you need a system. This is the very same process used to manage and lead the acquisitions of Tiffany and Josh High's multi-million dollar real estate investing business.

Use This "Seller Renegotiation Script" To Get The Best Buy Price From Sellers.

In the house-buying business, money is made when you buy right. Many times, the offer you make needs to be adjusted when considering repairs and other factors. That's where this script comes in handy.

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