The 6 Steps to 10x Your Deal Flow

November 03, 20222 min read

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10x Your Deal Flow Through Phone Sales

Did you know that you can 10x your volume by building a phone sales team the right way?


It’s simple. Here are the 6 main steps…

1. Develop a Clear Repeatable Sales Process

Do you have this documented and recorded for onboarding purposes?

2. Eliminate Distraction With Activity Based Selling

Stop making your sales people do “tasks” in your system, it KILLS productivity.

3. Find the Right CRM & Phone System to Scale With You

Is your CRM capable of scaling a team? Does it allow you to mass follow up and effectively communicate amongst a team environment from one sales person to the next? 

Does your phone system make call count irrelevant? If your team is making under 100 dials a day, it’s likely that you aren’t giving them the right tools to succeed in the first place.

4. Continually Optimize Based on Regular Tracking and Forecasts

If your team isn’t clear on things like how many processes it takes to get an offer, how many offers it takes to get a deal and how many deals it takes to hit their goal….well then you are just operating like a fly by night wholesale company then…

5. Be Proactive to Prevent Problems and Maximize Opportunities

As their leader, are you doing regular call audits with them? Giving them reports on their recorded calls weekly? Are you on the floor LIVE coaching them? Or just letting them wing it every day and expecting them to perform?

6. Culture is #1

Leaders create culture and culture is what drives results. If your sales team isn’t HIGH energy 24/7, you’re leadership is failing them.

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