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Monday Mindset with Josh High
October 31, 20222 min read

Monday Mindset

"If you want to do a few small things right, do them yourself. If you want to do great things and make a big impact, learn to delegate”

- John C. Maxwell

Delegate It!⚡

Hiring a salesperson is easy.

You can tie a direct ROI to a salesperson. You know exactly how much they are bringing in, and can pay them as a result, with very little overhead. 

However, not every hire you make is going to be that easy.

I am constantly hearing from entrepreneurs that they are nervous to bring on an Admin, a Transaction Coordinator, or essentially any role that can’t directly be tied to a ROI.

It’s easy to see this role as unnecessary overhead. Why would you waste money hiring someone to do something that you are able to do yourself?

Before you answer that, let me challenge you to shift your mindset.

Let’s say your strength is generating revenue. Maybe you're naturally good at sales or you’ve busted your ass studying marketing. Now think about how much time you are currently spending opening mail, paying the bills, taking care of the non income producing tasks that are necessary to keep your business operating, but not making you any money. 

Let’s say you spend 2 hours a day working in transactions.

That’s 10 hours per week.

You also spend 2 hours a day crushing it in sales.

That’s 10 hours per week.

Now imagine if you were to hire a transaction coordinator to gain back those 10 hours you spend working in transactions. 

You are now able to DOUBLE your amount of time on the phones closing opportunities.

Now you have the capacity to put twice as much time, energy and effort into this one task.

With double the amount of time, it’s safe to say that you can also double your RESULTS.

Let’s say you are currently closing 2 deals per month. With transactions off your plate, you are now closing 4 deals per month. Now I want you to think about your average profit per deal. For the sake of this exercise, your average profit per deal is $15k. Two extra deals per month is an extra $30k. When you compound that number over a year ($30k/ month x 12 months/ year), you generate an extra $360k in revenue per year. 

Now do you think it’s worth it to bring someone on at $45k- $55k to make an extra $360k?


I want to challenge you this week. If you’re in a position to pour fuel on the fire, and are ready to do more volume, you have to take these non-income producing tasks off your plate. You can then focus on the activities that WILL drive the result that you want.


Josh High

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